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UW Rapid Prototyping Consortium



The Rapid Prototyping Consortium is a part of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.  The goal of the UW Rapid Prototyping Consortium is to connect reseach groups throughout campus with the idea of collaboration of technology and resources.The Advanced Prototyping Facility (APF) is an affiliate of the Morgridge Institute for Research.



Robert Swader
E-mail: rswader [at] morgridgeinstitute [dot] org
Phone: (608) 316 4706
Ben Cox
E-mail: bcox [at] morgridgeinstitute [dot] org
Phone: (608) 316 4490


Bimpe Olaniyan
E-mail:  olabimpe [at] morgridgeinstitute [dot] org   
Phone: (608) 316 4378         


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