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UW Rapid Prototyping Consortium



In providing 3-D printing services, the Provider disclaims any warranties, express or implied, including the warranty of merchantability and warranty for fitness of any particular purpose, for the services themselves and any resulting tangible object or product thereof.  The 3-D objects are provided to Customer for aesthetic purposes only, and are not intended for use as a functional tool or a functional part of a larger apparatus, and Provider shall not be liable for any damages resulting from such non-aesthetic use.  In submitting a job to be printed, Customer warrants and represents that Customer owns, or has obtained, all rights necessary to allow Provider to provide the requested 3-D printing services.  Customer shall be liable for any and all claims of intellectual property infringement that result from the 3-D printing services provided hereunder.  Provider reserves the right to refuse to print any 3-D object which it deems to be discriminatory, offensive or hazardous. 

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